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Free Resume Writing Tips

A resume shouldn’t just reflect what work you have done or study you have completed. It should tell a story about you.  As important as your capabilities and education are, whats equally important is the person you are. Your work ethic, your motivation, your drive and commitment. If...
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Free Job Interview Tips

Through my The Resume Whispererbusiness I have been coaching people in preparing for interviews for a number of years. I have learnt alot through this experience and where people go wrong in interviews.  For one, some people approach Interviews like they are going to war. They actually...
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Selection Criteria Simplified

Most people find writing selection criteria about as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist and about as easy to understand as quantum physics. The key is to simplify the process and the responses.  Having to write answers  in the STAR format actually makes the process easier as...
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