Resume Writing Services (& Cover Letters)

We re-build your resume with our custom made templates to create a professional and individually tailored resume  that's going to stand out an get you to interview.

  • Individual  professional  profile written specifically for you
  • Unique style, easy to read with well organized  information
  • Custom made resume template specifically designed by us
  • More detailed & refined explanation of your job description
  • Advice on how to broaden you experience and skill set


  • Students                   $125               (2 pages)
  • Professional            $185               (3 to 4 pages)
  • Executive                 $220               (4 to 6 pages)
  • Cover Letters          $55                 (Resume & Cover Letter packages)

Resume - More information

Your resume is not only a record of your skills and experience.  Your resume also makes a statement about you.  The amount of time and effort you put into creating a professional looking resume speaks volumes about you and how committed you are about the position you are applying for. An employer may know nothing else about you, but the one thing they will know is that you are motivated and serious enough to own a professionally written resume.

Resume package discounts available with Selection Criteria

How it Works

  • You provide a copy of your most recent resume with the basic information
  • Your information is transferred onto a The Resume Whisperertemplate and re-written
  • You are sent the first draft of your resume and requested to provide any additional information required
  • You provide the information which is again re-written and re-formatted
  • This process continues until you are have the final product

And its equally agreed that your resume is at the required standard

Delivery Time

24-48 hours is the normal turnaround time. You will be sent the first draft of your resume within this time frame and requested to check your information and return it. It usually takes about three drafts to get your resume to the right standard.


Many of my clients have cited my resumes as the reason why they won the position. I have been sent dozens of testimonials about the positive comments they received from recruiters and interviewers who were particularly impressed with the unique resume I created for them. My resumes get read and get you the interview.

Selection Criteria

The Resume Whisperercan assist you to produce a well written and formatted question that demonstrates clear capabilities and understanding of the question.

Interview Coaching

Preparation is essential to delivering a well structured and formatted interview. Its important to identity potential questions and prepare an informative responses.

Psychometric & Group Testing

Many government departments as well as the private sector use IQ and Psychological examinations to measure the quality and capabilities of their applicants.