Preparation is essential to delivering a well structured and formatted interview.  It’s important to identify potential questions and prepare informative responses. It is also important to ensure clear and effective verbal communication in responses to questions.

You have to be able to engage the interviewer and translate many non-verbal messages, including confidence, competence, and commitment to their business. Interview Coaching consists of the following:

  • Individual  assessment of  your  particular  interview  requirements
  • Guidance in  preparing a  range of  responses  to standard  questions
  • Assessment and feedback provided on a set of practice interviews
  • How to respond  to Selection Criteria and Capability Framework
  • Advice on how to strengthen your communication style and delivery

Prices (including call charges)

30 minutes $80
1 Hour$150
2 Hours$275

Discounts for Students and Unemployed

Interview Coaching – More information

How you structure your interview and respond to questions is equally important as your written response. Recruiters are looking for people to demonstrate specific qualities. This is not only limited to your capabilities and experience in performing a role but a number of personal qualities. Employers are looking for people to demonstrate a range of attributes that will indicate what kind of employee they will be. This may include demonstrating that you have the characteristics of someone who will be committed to delivering a high standard of service, gets along well in a team, and can follow management’s directions. They also want to know how positively you will impact the team and your workplace. Your responses need to address a range of elements, not just your ability to do the job.

How it Works

  • You provide a copy of your most recent resume and or job application
  • Schedule a time that suits youyou. Interview coaching is conducted by phone
  • Interview coaching can be delivered in 30 minute blocks.
  • Interview coaching can be booked immediately prior to an interview
  • Interview Coaching discounts available with Selection Criteria

Delivery Time

Interview Coaching is available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. Arrangements can be made if coaching is required outside of normal hours


Many of my clients have cited my interview coaching as the reason why they won the position. I have been sent dozens of testimonials about the positive impact that interview coaching had on their ability to deliver their best interview. It gave them the preparation and confidence needed to convince the interviewer they were the best person for the job. Interviews are, after all, just a sales pitch.