Many government departments (as well as the private sector) use IQ and Psychological examinations to measure the quality and capabilities of their applicants. There are no guidelines provided on what kind of qualities they are specifically seeking or personality types they require.

These exams can be quite challenging and intrusive. Its important to have a clear understanding of the qualities that they are measuring and how to convey those qualities.

IQ and Psychological Testing Preparation consists of the following:

  • Individual  assessment  of   your  particular  testing  requirements
  • Clear instructions on how  to prepare for testing to get best result
  • Specific information provided on what test questions to anticipate
  • Advice on how to strengthen  test results and improve your score

Interview group activities and role plays

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of what qualities recruiters are measuring during group activities and role plays. Your behavior can not be extreme in any one area and must reflect a well balanced and mature attitude. You need to have an understanding of some of the skills you can be tested on.

Interview group activities and role plays preparation consists of the following:

  • Individual  assessment  of your particular testing requirements
  • Examples of  group  activities and feedback on your responses
  • Guidance on what to expect and how to present the right image
  • Advice on how to strengthen interactions & improve your score


1 hour  of instruction on how to prepare for testing plus accompanying reading material
and useful web links
30 mins of Instruction on how to prepare for group activities plus accompanying reading
material and useful links
Useful links to IQ tests and guidance on what to study and how to prepare $45

Discounts for Students and Unemployed

How it Works

  • Provide a copy of your most recent resume and/or job application
  • Schedule a time that suits.  All instruction is via  phone and email


I have a high success rate of getting clients through government entrance exams, IQ and psychological testing, including State and  Federal police entrance exams.