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It's amazing what we can achieve when we all come together as one. Rock on Bushfire Relief Concert!! ... See MoreSee Less

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The Oscars are a wonderful reminder that anything is possible, that we can in fact make things happen. Congrats to Bong Joon-ho for first ever foreign film winner for Best Picture! ... See MoreSee Less

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You can tell alot about a person by the way they handle lost luggage, tangled Xmas lights and Rainy days! Contact The Resume Whisperer if you are someone who likes to sing when it's raining. 0428 189 777 ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Chinese New Year! 'Year of the Rat' symbolises new beginnings and the chance to turn unfortunate events into fortunate ones ... See MoreSee Less

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Free Resume Tips & Interview Advice

Free Resume Writing Tips

A resume shouldn’t just reflect what work you have done or study you have completed. It should tell a story about you.  As important as your capabilities and education... Read More

Free Job Interview Tips

Through my The Resume Whispererbusiness I have been coaching people in preparing for interviews for a number of years. I have learnt alot through this experience and where people... Read More

Selection Criteria Simplified

Most people find writing selection criteria about as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist and about as easy to understand as quantum physics. The key is to simplify... Read More