The Resume Whisperercan assist you to produce a well written and formatted response that demonstrates a clear understanding of the question and capability framework.
  • Identify examples from either your work or personal experience
  • Determine which examples are the strongest and will work best
  • Identify how your examples meet elements of STAR/CAR format
  • Address the Capability Framework within the STAR/CAR format
  • Organise your example into a clear, concise, and succinct format
  • Re-write answers to ensure correct grammar and punctuation


One page pitch $475
Selection Criteria – Two pages (1000 words)$575
6 x Selection Criteria   $675
1 x Selection Criteria$175

How it works

Starting from scratch:
  • You  send in your questions and application link along with your resume
  • We then discuss  the questions and where your experience best matches
  • We then talk about the STAR model and how to tailor your responses to it
  • Together we continue to develop your answers until they are looking strong
  • It usually takes three to five drafts to get your selection criteria looking great
Response already prepared:
  • Provide your resume and responses to the selection criteria questions
  • We review your answers and  discuss what additional information is required
  • You attempt the changes you then submit your work for further correction
  • We continue to develop your answers to the required standard
  • This can take two to three drafts to get your application looking perfect

Delivery time

Three to four days, depending on how quickly you can gather the information requested.


The Resume Whispererhas a great success rate of getting clients interviews and assisting them to win the position. Clients have come to us after wasting months (as well as opportunities) attempting to write their own selection criteria. The money and effort you put in is a worthwhile investment in your future.

Selection Criteria – More Information

  • Describe a SITUATION you encountered at work
  • The TASK you were allocated or presented with
  • Explain the ACTION you took to achieve the task
  • What  was the RESULT or outcome of the action

Writing to the STAR format can be a challenging task. You are generally trying to use only one example that incorporates a range of skills that you have applied in the workplace. These responses have to be detailed and succinct and generally no more than 350 words. Once you learn how to master this format it does become easier. The work that is prepared by The Resume Whispererbecomes your own property and you can re-use examples or modify examples for future applications.

Capability Framework

Further to the STAR format, it is equally important to ensure that your questions contain the elements of the capability framework for that department. Capability Framework outlines skills and actions expected of a public servant. This varies depending on the APS level you are applying for. It is essential that your responses demonstrates your understanding of the framework. The questions might ask you to address the capability frameworks:

  • Supports Strategic Direction
  • Achieves Results
  • Supports Productive Working Relationships
  • Displays Personal Drive and Integrity
  • Communicate with Influence
  • Displays Technical Capability

Detailed descriptions of these frameworks can generally be found on the website of the department you are applying for. Each question will ask you to specifically incorporate one of the Frameworks and its elements. This is not easily achieved, by just incorporating even some aspects of the framework will greatly improve your overall interview score.