Selection Criteria Simplified

Most people find writing selection criteria about as enjoyable as a visit to the dentist and about as easy to understand as quantum physics.

The key is to simplify the process and the responses.  Having to write answers  in the STAR format actually makes the process easier as there is no guessing what information is required.

The STAR model explained:

S  ituation: What job were you working in or what activity or course were you doing?

T ask:  What specific task were you given to complete or direction  to follow?

A ction: What  number of actions did you take  or activities did you do to complete the task.

R esult: what was the resulting outcome of the action you took. Did you complete the task? Who benefited from this? What did you learn?

People will sometimes try and complicate their responses but its more important to simply address each point rather than give a great example but an example that doesn’t allow you to align with the STAR model.

The second important aspect of writing selection criteria is to address capability framework. Within the STAR model response there should be elements that demonstrate that your skills and experience match the capability framework for the level and department you are applying for. These frameworks will be found on the department’s website.  For example and APS 5 is expected to show team leadership and lead by example. If you are being asked to address this framework then you want to talk about your experiences  within that context.

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